Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year, New Closet!

In a quest to help you make small changes to create a better life, I am starting with a room that is probably the most ignored space in your home- YOUR CLOSET. Not only can making simple changes in this space help with your interior, but you can also make changes that can affect your wardrobe and both will help you organize your life.

First of all- It's not just a closet, it's a room... so, treat it like one.

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So, everyone may not see this room- but YOU do, and aren't you important? Of course you are, so why not give yourself something attractive to see while you are selecting your outfits for the day.
     1. Proper lighting is a must- you need good lighting to see what you have in your closet and since it's typically a dark space, it is always a good idea to swap your current fixture out. But while you're doing that anyway, why not make it fun and pretty? A mini chandelier or cool pendant can go a long way and doesn't have to cost a lot of money. If either or these options are not your thing and you have a little more money to spare, how about having a skylight installed or solar tube which will give you natural light during the day?

     2. Don't hate, donate- One of the easiest ways to organize your closet is to go through every piece of clothing you own and truly, and I mean TRULY ask yourself, "Am I ever going to wear this again?" Us women have the hardest time with letting go of our clothes that don't fit or that we rarely wear. We tell ourselves, "I'll get into that again," or "One day I'll have a special event to go to and I'll need that dress." Don't clutter your closet with the past! It's time to break free of your clutter and open your space for new opportunities... AND CLOTHES! It's hard to embrace your new size but keeping smaller clothing will not help you shrink any faster. Think about all of the women who are in need and can benefit from your old clothing that just sits in your closet doing nothing but taking up space. Donate your old clothing to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul or Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization and help those who can really use what you just store! It will make you feel great and that's it's own reward.

     3. Color it up- Since this is a room- give it a coat of paint. What's your favorite color? What's that wild color that you've always wanted to try on your walls but were too scared to do? Use it in your closet!
  Whether a small or large space, a little color will work wonders on your mood, will help accentuate certain colored clothing in your closet and make "shopping" for your outfit that much more fun!

4. Organize your rainbow- One of the most efficient changes you can make to your closet can actually save you time in the morning when searching for your daily outfit. My daughters and I practice this quite anally, I must admit. Organize your closet by color by placing all tops of one color together. I further break down each color by succession of sleeveless, tank, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, then long sleeve top. It makes my life SO simple when searching for an outfit for any season. When it comes to a printed top, place it with the color that makes up most of the top.

I remember living back East when I was younger and then in my young adult life and, having grown up with the tradition of putting away the winter clothing in the summer and vice versa, I never realized how outdated a system that was. A tank can always be worn in the winter under another top or a short sleeve top can be worn with a shrug. The possibilities for creating new outfits are endless when it's all at your fingertips and well organized.

 5. Give your closet a personality- Have fun with this little hidden space. Decorate it. Print it up with wallpaper. Give it a crazy area rug. Add purple see thru shoe boxes. Go nuts! Be bold! After all, it's your space. Make it yours with a little pizazz. 
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     6. Have an extra closet? Convert it- Are you lacking an much needed work area in your home? Consider using your closet. Measure the space for a desk, task lighting and the necessary organizational tools you'll require. If you are planning on using your desktop in here, have the nearest electrical outlet rerouted to your closet or easily use a laptop. If your closet currently has sliding doors, replace them with standard double doors and utilize the doors for additional storage like in the photo below.
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This bright room above is one of my most favorite closet remodels because the otherwise dull, white room gets the biggest "HELLO" with this fantastic aqua print wallpaper and matching painted desk. They really had fun with this space and that's what this year should be all about! How can you not smile every time you work in this space? 

Small changes in the things you see can make large changes in the way you think and feel. Start with your closet and see where it can lead...

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